October 12 and 13, 2013 UVM, South Burlington, VT
Animal Communication and Intuitive Awareness Workshop
Patty is happy to be returning once again to northern VT.   
This intimate-sized workshop allows for individual attention and will include:

  • An introduction to Animal Communication – including how it works and the multiple benefits of Animal Communication
  • Meditation and relaxation exercises – quick and simple exercises to assist you with accessing your intuition
  • Exercises to assist each participant recognize how they receive intuitive information – you will learn how to send intuitive information as well
  • Live animals to assist with teaching

Please dress comfortably. Also, bring along a writing pad, pens/pencils, and photos of your animal friends (one animal per photo – humans are animals, too, so please avoid photos in which they are included). Only animals with prior approval are permitted to attend – please do not bring any other animals with you, as they will not be admitted. Most importantly, bring along your sense of fun, openness, and adventure!

This workshop will be held Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13, 9:30am – 4:30pm at UVM.

To register, and for further information, contact Karen Stoneman at or (802) 318-6710.

A percentage of the proceeds of this workshop will be donated to an animal rescue group.

Workshop Comments/Feedback

“The “matter of fact” way of presenting the material was effective – not mysterious or supernatural.  The practice was very helpful and validating. Patty is clearly gifted in what she does communicating with animals, and presents the exercises and practice in a comfortable manner. Good pace, plenty of practice, doable exercises, personable presenter.”

Workshop Participant, Oct. 2012

“Exploring your intuition is so amazing and you learn so much about yourself.
Patty is very kind and very natural – I love her!  I could relate so easily to her stories, too, thank you Patty!”

Workshop Participant, Oct. 2012

“Small and intimate.  A great group and I was impressed at how good all participants were. Such a confidence builder – Great exercises to discern my skill set. Great stories and real life application examples.  Builds confidence.  Very validating.  Great teacher with great energy.  Thank You!!!”

Workshop Participant, June 2012

“Liked the smaller setting. I have always been interested in this.  I’m so glad we found this. Patty was a great instructor.”

Workshop Participant, June 2012

Patty is available to teach workshops on animal communication and also offers private tutoring sessions.  She enjoys helping others become aware of their own intuitive abilities, and strives to assist in recognizing and fine-tuning this skill that is available to all of us.

“I believe that this is a sense we are all born with,” says Patty.  “With practice and awareness, I truly feel that everyone can improve on that skill.  And not only will this help you communicate with our animal friends, it will help you in all areas of your life!”

Workshops may either be one day or two day events.  There will be an introduction to animal communication, as well as discussion on how this intuitive information is both received and sent and how to recognize it.  Meditation and relaxation exercises are incorporated to help participants not only relax, but also become more aware and focused.  Exercises to assist each individual recognize how they are most inclined to perceive intuitive information are also included, with follow-up exercises to aid in perceiving finer detail as well as expand and strengthen their perceptions in other forms and areas.  A list of recommended reading will also be distributed to those who are interested.

When feasible, live animals will attend to help with teaching.  We will also work from photos.  Please DO NOT bring any animal friends with you unless you have prior approval – no exceptions. 

Small groups of 10-15 students are preferred, though Patty will work with up to 20 students.  For the larger groups, a two day workshop is recommended.  Workshop coordinators attend for free.

Workshop participants are encouraged to dress comfortably (please be prepared with appropriate clothing for outdoor weather, in the event we are fortunate enough to have some of our larger animal friends who are not able to enter buildings attending the workshop).  Please bring along pens/pencils and a note pad on which to take notes and use for some of the exercises.  Participants are also asked to bring photos of some of their animal friends with them.  These photos will be exchanged among fellow students for some practice exercises.  Please be sure that these photos are clear, and preferably with just one animal in each photo (humans are also animals, so please try to avoid photos in which they are included).

Patty strives to keep the environment light, relaxed and enjoyable.  This should be fun!  Workshops are not competitions or showcases, but rather an experience where all are encouraged to enjoy learning more about their skills, as well as expand on them.  As is natural, everyone learns at a different pace, as well as has different methods of perceiving, and different life experiences.  These differences are wonderful, and aid in broadening our understanding and awareness of intuition by exposing us to others’ experiences.

A percentage of all workshop proceeds will be donated to an animal rescue group.
Workshop coordinators, again, attend the workshop for free.  Coordinators help with finding and securing an appropriate location, advertising, and registration.  A coordinator must be an organized person and comfortable with speaking and corresponding with those interested in attending the workshop (and therefore must be regularly available via internet and phone), collecting workshop fees, and promoting the workshop.  Also, when necessary, the coordinator will assist Patty with information regarding travel and lodging.  Patty will provide fliers to post to promote the workshop, will list the workshop on this website, and will answer any questions the workshop coordinator may have.

Private tutoring sessions are available in person or via telephone. 
Students will be given ‘homework’ and exercises to be done prior to the session.  During the session, Patty will review your ‘homework’ with you, help you recognize and fine-tune your individual intuitive strengths through additional exercises, and answer any questions you may have about the process.

A session is up to one hour long, and the fee is $165.  Extended sessions are available.  Please contact Patty for details regarding fees for extended tutoring sessions, as well as travel fees (where applicable). 

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