If you want all the answers about your pet, don’t use Patty. She doesn’t do that. What she does is listen to your pet and tell you what she is told. Patty listened to our horse and came away with a huge amount of information. We are still sorting out what it all means. Some of it was easy. We started using that information right away – and noticed a change in our horse immediately. Other things we didn’t understand until outside information fell together with what our horse told her. He told her he liked to be called “Sir.” This was funny, and it made perfect sense if you know the guy! He also told her that he liked a certain person at the stable. A couple of days later, I was telling a group of people at the stable what he had said. When I mentioned the “Sir” part, that person said “I always call him “Sir!”. I admit to hairs standing on the back of my neck…

And, yes of course, Patty did tell us things we knew, but she could not have possibly known about.

We asked Patty to tell us everything she found out, and she did. That included things we may not have wanted to hear, things we can’t do anything about and things that, frankly, we may not believe in. But that’s what we wanted and needed to hear. We wanted to find out what was going on in that furry head of his so we could have a better relationship with our horse. I think we both agree that’s what happened. Because of what we now know, I trust my horse more, and “Sir” trusts me much more. We’ve become much closer.

We weren’t sure how this whole “pet psychic” thing would work before we asked for Patty’s help, but we are delighted and grateful with her help. She certainly made us converts! We are happy to recommend Patty to anyone who wants a serious reading of their pet.


Tom Scott, Yasuo Fukushima and Sir Dalgaard
Jackson Heights, NY


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