"Seven years ago, I asked Patty to talk with my horses for the first time. When I told my husband, he proceeded to take my pulse and temperature! Then he conceded "ok, for entertainment purposes…" Boy, was he in for a surprise! My then-skeptical husband has quickly turned into one of Patty's strongest supporters and fondest admirers. For good reason:

The many things Patty told us (about our horses, their animal friends, ourselves, life at the barn or at horse shows), she could not have known - the horses gave her every detail. She has even successfully mediated between the two horses. I know they love her as much as we do. From happy to sad, from informative to constructive, it's all there. We've laughed about something the horses shared with her, we've been touched to tears, we've had "aha" moments … the whole spectrum.

She "sees" it all from 700 miles further North! Then it is up to us to utilize her information to better interact with our magnificent animals. We owe it to Patty that our relationships with animals in general, not just those in our care, have become much more meaningful.

It comes as no surprise then that every time I think of Patty, a big smile lightens up my face. Thank you, Patty, for helping humans and animals understand each other."


Monika Sch.
Charlotte, NC


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