"Just a short while after having Patty over, I started to notice my relationship to Casey, my dog, change for the better. Casey has always had difficulty walking in the neighborhood leashed, with me. She was so terrified to even leave the house.

I asked Patty to help me communicate to Casey that I wanted to take this opportunity to bond with her outside. Low and behold, Casey is very eager to go out on walks today. She will go around the block, socialize a little with other dogs, and will ask me to go out twice everyday.

This has brought us very close. I believe she has a new found respect for me and even dream about Casey with love when I sleep at night. We're tight and I have to thank Patty for it. She did something, she gave voice to our little dog, she let us in on her thoughts and today, things are only getting better.

I would highly recommend Patty to every pet owner because we all have issues that only a communicator can solve! Thank You Patty!"


Mike M.
Deer Park, NY


Workshop Comments/Feedback

“The “matter of fact” way of presenting the material was effective – not mysterious or supernatural.  The practice was very helpful and validating. Patty is clearly gifted in what she does communicating with animals, and presents the exercises and practice in a comfortable manner. Good pace, plenty of practice, doable exercises, personable presenter.”

Workshop Participant, Oct. 2012

“Exploring your intuition is so amazing and you learn so much about yourself.
Patty is very kind and very natural – I love her!  I could relate so easily to her stories, too, thank you Patty!”

Workshop Participant, Oct. 2012

“Small and intimate.  A great group and I was impressed at how good all participants were. Such a confidence builder – Great exercises to discern my skill set. Great stories and real life application examples.  Builds confidence.  Very validating.  Great teacher with great energy.  Thank You!!!”

Workshop Participant, June 2012

“Liked the smaller setting. I have always been interested in this.  I’m so glad we found this. Patty was a great instructor.”

Workshop Participant, June 2012


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