LINKS - Patty’s website was designed, constructed and continues to be maintained by the talented Leslie Dunn of II Feathers. - American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association – An excellent resource for locating veterinarians practicing holistic medicine in your area. - The LifeArts Center for Healing and Shamanic Studies – Dr. John Myerson (Ph.D., Lic. Ac.) is a powerful shaman and healer, as well as the author of three amazing, enlightening books: “Riding the Spirit Wind: Stories of Shamanic Healing” as well as “Voices From the Other Side of the Couch: A Warrior’s View of Shamanic Healing” and “Death Grip on the Pommel: A Warrior’s Journey to Grace.” - has a national data base listing missing and found animals, shelters and rescue groups, and adoptable animals in need of loving homes. –Project Sage Horse Rescue - A non-profit organization which attends auctions and visits feedlots, focusing on saving horses that are headed to slaughter.  They rehabilitate and find homes for these fortunate horses.

Please Note: Patty does not have ownership or stock in any of the following companies. She only wishes to share that which she has found helpful to her ‘critter’ family members. - SpringTime, Inc. – All natural supplements for horses, dogs and people. Patty’s ‘critter’ family has been on these supplements for years with amazing results. - Fetch Doggy Boutique and Bakery – Located in Port Jefferson, NY. Fetch’s ‘Food Emporium’ carries a variety of human grade all natural foods and supplements.

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