Preparing for the Consultation
Clear photos of the animal looking at the camera, along with a list of 8-10 questions, are requested prior to your appointment (please refrain from sending multiple part questions) . If possible, please supply 2-3 photos per animal. It is preferable, when possible, to have just the animal Patty will be communicating with in the photo – no other animals (humans are animals, so please exclude them, too!). If you need your photos returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with adequate postage. Once Patty has received the photos, questions, and payment, she will contact you to arrange a consultation time. If, for some reason, you do not have any photographs of the animal(s) you wish Patty to speak with, do not be concerned as Patty is also able to work without them. Photos and questions may be sent via postal service or e-mail.

The fees listed include: initial client contact, the time Patty spends conversing with each animal prior to the scheduled consultation, any time required for research (i.e. - Patty often has animals mention herbs and medicinal plants, and researches these to find how they pertain to the situation), as well as the actual consultation itself.

$165 for one animal with the session lasting up to one hour.
$145 for each additional animal scheduled for the same session as the initial animal, with the same client, and includes an extended consultation time of up to one hour per animal (i.e. – the fee for 2 animals is $310 and includes a consultation time of up to 2 hours).  A maximum of three animals may be scheduled per consultation.
$50 for each additional time increment of up to 30 minutes.  *Please note that this additional time fee is only applicable to additional time extending past the original consultation time of up to one hour.  It is not to be used for a shorter session in the future.  A new list of questions, as well as a new consultation time, constitutes a new consultation and therefore a full fee.  It is preferable to book additional time in advance to avoid the potential of running into another client’s appointment time.
Please see the “Missing Animals” section below for tracking fees

E-mail or call to schedule a consultation. When leaving a message, please leave as few details as possible regarding your animal friend, so that a clean read may be done – one without any preconceptions. Information such as species, your animal friend’s name, and whether he/she is ill (though no details, please!) or has passed on is fine.

At your scheduled appointment time, call the phone number listed below and Patty will discuss with you what your animal friend has shared with her. If you are outside the continental United States, and find that there is too great a difference in time zones, consultations can be done via e-mail. Patty also makes house and barn calls. If travel charges are necessary, these will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the visit.

As stated above, photos, a list of 8-10 questions and payment must be received before your appointment can be scheduled.  An acknowledgement of, and agreement to, the Informed Consent must also be made before an appointment will be scheduled.

Emergencies will be given priority. In the case of a medical emergency, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Please Note: Although it can be complementary, a consultation is not to replace a thorough examination or treatment performed by a skilled, licensed veterinarian.

Missing Animals
Patty is no longer tracking missing animals.

Payment Options
Payment may be made in the form of Pay Pal, personal check, money order, or bank check. If opting to pay via PayPal, please visit their website at and send payment to

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