Informed Consent

All clients acknowledge and accept the following as agreement prior to scheduling a consultation:

  • Patty’s work as an Animal Communicator is meant to assist the client with communicating with their animal.  She will share with the client everything that she receives while communicating with their animal friend.  Realize that this often includes topics which the client may not expect to be addressed and/or may be of a sensitive issue. 

  • Patty is not a veterinarian, nor does she claim to be, and therefore is not to be hired as a replacement for any veterinary exams, tests, diagnoses, or treatments.  If the client’s animal is experiencing health-related or potentially health-related issues, it is the responsibility of the client to seek the assistance of a qualified, licensed veterinarian. The client is ultimately responsible for all care of their animal.  Although a consultation may be complementary, Patty always recommends conferring with your veterinarian as well. 

  • Patty often receives information from the animals regarding herbs and medicinal plants.  She, however, is not a trained herbalist and therefore does not prescribe any herbs to the client.  Again, she recommends conferring with a veterinarian who has been trained and specializes in this field.

  • Patty will only work with animals which are ‘owned’ by the client.  In the case of trainers working with their clients’ animals, Patty will work with these animals only after receiving the expressed consent of the ‘owners’.

  • The client agrees to contact Patty prior to the consultation regarding any major changes in their animal’s condition, as soon as the client is aware of it.  This is to allow for any changes in questions the client may have or, if the client prefers, to cancel the consultation.  In the case of an animal passing (dying) before the consultation time, Patty is still able to communicate with him/her.  However, the client may wish to wait some time before doing so (Patty usually recommends waiting at least a month to allow for healing for all involved) or may not be open to such a possibility.  If the client does wish to continue with a consultation, of course, a new set of questions would be expected.

  • Due to the preparation necessary for consultations, Patty requires notification at least 24 hours in advance in the event the client needs to cancel or reschedule.  Doing so will allow the client to reschedule for a later date without additional payment, or to receive a full refund.  If the client does not allow at least 24 hours in advance, or the client misses his/her scheduled consultation time, full payment is still due and a refund will not be issued ~ a new consultation time will require another full payment.

  • All consultations are honored as private, and Patty will keep them as so as long as the client wishes.  Stories from consultations relayed by Patty in any publications will keep the identities of the client and animal private, unless the client otherwise expresses his/her consent to reveal their identity.


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