Animals were the first, and have remained the biggest, love of Patty's life. In addition to being an Animal Communicator, Patty is also a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist II. This background has proven very beneficial, especially when performing body scans to gain insight regarding an animal's health.

Patty grew up on Long Island, NY. There, while still in elementary school, she started tending to animals through pet-sitting jobs, and later went on to rehabilitate abandoned and orphaned animals such as wild rabbits, raccoons, fox, and ducklings, as well as cats and dogs. There were also the 'regular' animal family members at home (dogs, cats, fish, birds and assorted rodents), which at one point topped over 20 animals. Though not fully aware that there were any psychic communications occurring, Patty often "just seemed to know" what animals needed, and often had the "aggressive" dog or the "unsociable" cat approach to greet her.

Patty attended the State University of New York at Farmingdale, where she majored in Veterinary Technology. During weekends and in between semesters, she worked at a local veterinary hospital where she started realizing that, although she enjoyed the work, she felt ill and anxious each time she arrived at the hospital. Still not aware at that point just how attuned she was to the animals, Patty later realized that these feelings were due to being clairsentient and empathic, and thus she had been sensing the illnesses and anxieties of the patients. After graduating, Patty passed the state-licensing exam at Cornell University and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Though accepted to Fordham University to continue her studies, Patty was unable to at the time and so worked as a Veterinary Technician, as well as at a park preserve. Some of her responsibilities as a Vet Tech included assisting with surgery and treatments, taking and developing radiographs, collecting specimens and running required tests. Patty's job at the preserve was equally as interesting and ran the gamut from fish propagation at the preserve's trout hatchery to operating heavy equipment, leading guided educational tours, and fighting forest fires on the property's three thousand acres. Horses kept on the preserve finally led to Patty's lifelong dream of involvement with them. Every available free moment would find her with the horses horse-sitting, taking riding lessons, and riding before and after work hours. She completely immersed herself in horses, learning all that she could.

After leaving the preserve, Patty and her husband shared the responsibilities of caretakers of a private island. It was here that she had her first realized communication with an animal other than a human. She was riding her beloved horse friend, Molly, when Molly balked and refused to move any further. Patty explains, "We were out on a trail we had traveled before, and I could see nothing that would be upsetting her. So, I just sat there, relaxed, and waited. I continued looking ahead, when suddenly my vision shifted, and I started laughing! I was now seeing things from Molly's perspective, and it all made sense! I also received the thought "End of earth" which reinforced this new perspective. At the point that Molly stopped, it looked as though we were about to step off a cliff hence, "End of earth"." Patty later met someone who had known Molly years before, and she informed Patty that Molly had done some competitive eventing. Eventing includes a phase where horses are ridden cross-country and jumped over obstacles - some being bank jumps and drop jumps (where the horses jump onto and/or off of embankments). This certainly added new light to the 'End of earth" experience! "This is an excellent example of how an animal's past can affect its current behavior. When an animal is unwilling to do something you request, it may be due to a past experience you are unaware of," Patty stated.

When they returned to life on the mainland, Patty furthered her education in animal health care by attending EquiTouch Systems, Inc. in Loveland, CO to study Equine Sports Massage Therapy. There, she excelled, and received certification as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist II. She returned for Equitouch's advanced class, excelling once again and earning her certification in Equine Deep Tissue and Advanced Massage.

Meanwhile, Patty continued to receive communications from the animals. While massaging a client's horse, the horse spoke to her about the "most important horse in the barn," while a kitten told her "I'm going to live with you" and she has since! These experiences led Patty to attend an animal communication workshop, where she came to realize the extent of her skills. At the close of the workshop, she was encouraged by those present to become a professional Animal Communicator. Following this encouragement, and the endorsement of her abilities, Patty said, "I feel very fortunate to be able to help animals convey their thoughts and feelings to their people, as well as assist people with better understanding their animal friends."

Patty's clientele is varied and far-reaching. She has spoken with a wide variety of animals some species being dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rats, mice, turtles, cattle, goats, birds, iguana, and even fish. These conversations have been with animals located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa, and even with animals that have passed on. Patty works with veterinarians, as well as volunteers her time and skills assisting various animal rescue groups. She also writes articles on her experiences as an Animal Communicator.

When not communicating, massaging, or otherwise attending to her animal friends, Patty loves spending time hiking, riding, camping, kayaking, swimming ("I must have been a dolphin in a previous life!"), painting, drawing, and singing ("If I know the words to a song, I can't help but sing it!"). She shares her life, heart and home with her husband ("My Angel!"), as well as their equine, canine, feline, reptilian and rodent family members.


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